“Writing the Middle Ages” european contest

We issue the competition notice of the 12th “Writing the Middle Ages” european contest.

“Writing the MIDDLE AGES”

Participation is limited to students of all schools of Europe to all levels, university courses excluded.
Works which can be submitted:
Individual works (made by one single student);
Group works (one or more groups within a class, the entire class or associated classes).

Presentation of an historical study of the Middle Ages, tied to the territory of origin
(Country, Region or Nation). This study will consider different aspects of the local reality:
historical artifacts, art, customs, traditions and more.

To know its own territory and enhance it also for tourism promotion purposes.
To make the Microhistory of the European Territory emerge, rediscovering the late medieval
roots of the local realities.
To create a puzzle of historical knowledges which fosters a sense of belonging to the
European Union.
To foster intercultural exchange among young people.

Participants may choose the type of paper at their discretion (Written Papers, Charts,
Paintings, photography, drama, music etc.. On paper and / or multimedia).
The language used must be chosen among: Italian, French, English, German, Spanish.

The competition is free.
The material submitted will be returned only upon request, at the participant’s expense.
All works, accompanied by the technical sheet, must be sent within 30.06.2017 (date as
postmark) to the following address:
Comitato Antica Fiera di Santa Lucia di Piave, via Roma 56-31.025 Santa Lucia di Piave- TV-Italia

The awards ceremony will take place on 11.11.2017 at 10.00 am at the fair grounds of Santa
Lucia di Piave (Treviso), within a path in the medieval market specially rebuilt for
educational and historical purposes.
For each school grade 2 prizes will be assigned:
€ 350 to whom participate individually, € 700 to groups.
The Committee offers free accommodation during the 11th and 12th of November 2017 to
the winning teams (up to a maximum of 20 pupils and three teachers) and individual
winners, accompanied by their own family. The hospitality includes food, accommodation
and guided tours to historical sites in the area.
An additional amount of 300 € will be paid to groups coming from the surroundings of
Treviso, as they won’t enjoy the overnight accommodation due to the proximity.
Any group or individual participating in the competition and attending the awards
ceremony will be given a participation prize.
The jury’s decision is final.

Should you need any further information and/or teaching advice please write to:

Ceccon Aurelio Mob. 3494650984